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Bellflower Locomotive Works is a small one man operation dedicated to continuing the production of the American Original CRICKET LIVESTEAM MOTOR.The original Crickets were invented and produced by Michael O'Rourke

(Berkeley Locomotive Works),Berkeley California in the early 1990's.After several years and having produced 130 trains.

Mr. O'Rourke sold the rights to Mike Kronderis (Westminster Locomotive Works,LLC) in Westminster MD. During Mr. Kronderis tenure Mike produced about 45 trains. I purchased my Cricket from Mr. Kronderis in 2006 (WLW # 13). I have enjoyed running my Cricket and remembering bragging how it was the only known small live steam train Made in USA.

Little did I know the opportunity that would fall into my lap.

My wife and I were at the Train Show 2011 in Ontario California when I received a call from  Mike Kronderis

offering me the rights to produce the Cricket. After careful thought and consideration, I decided to try to continue the

production of the Cricket. Mr. Kronderis sold the rights and sent the small inventory of parts he still had to me. It has

taken about one year of research and working to find vendors who could and would make parts and charge the

lowest possible price, finding and acquiring all the necessary small tools, screws, tubing, materials, and other parts.

With the continued support and advice from Mike Kronderis and Mr. O'Rourke, I have been able to produce

some. As per my agreement with Mr. Kronderis, I am first contacting the people on Mike's waiting list then adding

others as they come.

As you can see pictured on the home page, I am making 3 types of Cricket. The Basic, The Deluxe, and a limited

edition T-Boiler type. I have made several changes/improvements including set screws on the gears, new hinge

design for the smoke box front, oil catcher on the Deluxe Model and T-Boiler type, and a new burner design on the

T-Boiler. I use all US suppliers for the materials and any specialized machining that I cannot do myself with my

small lathe and mill set up. Each train is built with great care and attention to detail. I test all trains thoroughly so that the best possibly product is delivered to the customer.

I hope you will consider adding the Cricket to your train collection. I do not take deposits. If you are interested, I

place your name and contact information on the waiting list with your color choice. Once I complete the train I contact

you for payment and shipping. If you need to cancel or postpone, no worries, I just move on to the next name on the list.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me with any question.